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Waking up in my 40s....

One of my biggest challenges is that I enjoy a good time.

I have always loved a good party or hanging out with friends and family but I have prioritised having fun over most other things.

In my 20s I literally blew through my wages every week heading to London and partying in clubs like Ministry of Sound, Bagleys or my personal favourite The Church in Kings Cross on a Sunday afternoon.

I settled down in my late twenties and had two children and spent my 30s working to give them as good a life as possible, again most extra money just went into family life.

So here I am at 47, kids are in their teens and I find myself now in the space of thinking about my future as retirement is only 20 years away. Now for most people that isn't much of an issue but for me I haven't really put much away for the future as I was too busy enjoying the here and now.

I have always had a interest in Stock and Shares even as a child and I could now invest heavily in an Index fund for the next 20 years...the issue is it will only get me so far.

I need to look at investments that may be a little more risky in order to generate the returns I need to make sure my retirement is as comfortable as possible. Enter Cryptocurrencies....

I got into the internet early, I started my digital career in 1997 and I'm seeing a lot of similarities between that time and the current cryptocurrency situation. Those that got in early got the best opportunities.

So I am putting together this blog to really help me structure, guide and develop my learning in Crypto space....I'm hoping that if like me you find yourself at a certain time in life perhaps without the financial stability this blog may be of help to you in your own journey.

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