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How to get started in crypto when you have limited or no funds?

I mentioned in a previous article that you don't need a lump sum to get into crypto, you can simply "Dollar Cost Average" in with smaller amounts each week/month. However what happens if you don't have any extra cash to invest at all?

When investing in crypto you need to consider two things:

  1. Money

  2. Time

As long as you have 1 of these 2 you can get started in crypto.

For me, I don't have bags of spare cash laying around so all I can use at this point is my time - which in the world of crypto means being patient. If you can be patient you can earn crypto.

I came across Hi which is a not for profit organisation based in Singapore. They have developed the Hi platform which they say is the world’s first non-profit and community-powered universal cross-ecosystem mobile payment and financial services platform.

However what caught my eye was that in order to get adoption of their Hi token they give away 1 hi dollar each day to those that answer a simple question via their whatsapp or Telegram bots.

Currently at time of writing 1 hi dollar is worth $1.3663 USD, so for just signing up to Hi and answering a simple question each day you will $1.36 worth of cryptocurrency. In addition, for every person you refer you earn and extra 0.5 Hi dollars.

I signed up to Hi on 21st October, which is about 6 weeks ago and most days I remember to access my Hi Telegram chat and answer the daily question. I also have managed to get a couple of people interested so I earn an extra Hi dollar each day also.

To date I have earned 39.5 hi dollars since I started - which is now worth $52.74 USD. You can see my account below:

I can then withdraw the hi dollars to my crypto wallet and then swap them for another crypto like Bitcoin if I want or I can just hold them in my hi account and hope that the hi dollar value increases in value.

Hi dollar will not make you a millionaire overnight but it is a great way to get into cryptocurrency just by answering a simple question in Telegram or Whatsapp every 24 hours.

If I continue as I am I should have accrued around $100 USD by the end of December that I can withdraw and invest into a new up and coming gaming coin or defi project for example. I can invest in piece knowing that if they don't work out it doesnt matter as I was using "house money".

So yes you can get started in crypto for free.

If you are interested in getting involved just click this Hi Dollar link and sign up using Telegram or Whatsapp and start earning free hi dollars right now!


I'm not a financial advisor and this article is simple explaining my experience with Hi. Coin/Token values can go up as well as up so you may not receive the same amount as I have shown above.

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