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Become a Crypto Hotelier & get 6% back EVERY day with BNB Hotels

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

UPDATE - 01/12/2021

Having spent some significant time with these types of miner sites I can safely say you should avoid them. The only time you win with these is when you get in super early like within a few hours of them launching. You can get your money back pretty early that way but now I understand how they work I don't like the ethics of them. They are essentially ponzi schemes, meaning the people who get in early earn the money from those who get in later. The issue is when no one else joins those who join later are left with nothing. This is plain wrong and I wont endorse them.

However I am keeping this article here so people can see the journey have I taken and the mechanics behind some of these types of crypto projects but also can see that these types of crypto investments should be avoided. I have also removed all links to these sites from any articles.

New crypto miners are appearing every day it seems with a variety of daily returns. Some return 10% per day, others 1% or 3%. (If this is is the first time you a reading about miners please check out my Introduction to Crypto Miners article first).

The challenge is that we can’t invest in all of them so we are going to start seeing a consolidation of investment in a number of these miners, so we need to be able to identify the good from the not so good.

One that has caught my eye very recently is BNB Hotels which offers a 6% daily return so if you are already in the miner game then maybe a 6% return would fit in nicely with some of those others.

About BNB Hotels

As those that have been in crypto for a little while the key for these types of miner sites is to get in quick. BNB Hotels (official site is launched on 1st October so it’s still really early and the BNB balance has been growing. They have a telegram group which is still small but growing slowly. My main area of concern is their marketing is lacking and can be a real problem as if no-one knows about it then the miner can't grow, if the miner cant grow then you can't make any return on the money you put in.

However I'm seeing a lot of planning and discussions going on in their Telegram group which suggests that the could be about to do a big push which means getting n early is really beneficial. For me I'll take the risk as I only allocate a pretty small amount to it anyway like 0.1 BNB so the risk/reward ratio is still good if this stakes off.

What's the game about?

The game revolves around renting hotels with BNB which attract guests who then deposit money into your hotel vault. The more hotels means the more guests and more guests means more BNB going into your hotel vault!

BNBHotels uses the same mechanic as many other miner sites just they have used hotels and guests as the theme rather than eggs and chickens for example. With BNBHotels you pay to rent the hotels (so remember you don’t get back your initial investment) but you can earn up to 6% daily return off that investment that you can either compound back into to rent more hotels (by clicking the blue REINVEST BNB TO BUY HOTELS button or you can withdraw your daily earnings by clicking WITHDRAW YOUR BNB.

So what sort of return am I getting?

Well I "invested" 0.1BNB on the 3rd October at around 8pm. I checked the site again at 8pm yesterday (4th) and I have 0.005626 in my hotel vault. Not 6% but I'll take 5.626% return for just 24 hours, so please bear in mind that these miners will advertise a daily rate but it may fluctuate as people compound, add in funds or withdraw. If this rate continues I'll could have my money back in just 17 days, this is if I don't hire more hotels (compound) and just take the BNB that has accumulated over that 17 days. After that I would be in the land of pure profit.


I am not a financial advisor and this article should not be treated as financial advice. I am just writing about my experiences in crypto.

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